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Everyone knows by now - we live by ‘Real Fun Real Estate.’ But what does that mean to our team? Not just a slogan, or a catchy tagline, it’s also our motto. On the outside it’s our silly videos, costumes, and theme parties. On the inside, it's about truly enjoying what you do and who you do it alongside. We sat down with a few of our agents and asked them to define ‘Real Fun Real Estate’ and what it means to them.

Each of our agents touched on the fact that (spoiler alert) real estate is actually a pretty boring job. Seriously! It’s paperwork, documentation, it’s obtaining signatures and market data. On the client side, it’s a HUGE purchase or letting go of your very first home where you made all those early memories - the heavy stuff. No, it’s not surgery, but it is a hefty burden for agents and can be extremely stressful for clients. For each of the agents I interviewed, this is where the fun comes in.

Andy Waggoner raised some great points around this topic. Our goal is for our clients to be our clients for life. Not just the one or two transactions they may do in a year. The minute you start shopping for a home, you’re on our list for VIP parties, whether it takes you two years or two months to get to close. Bringing in the fun factor to a transaction can often diffuse situations before they ever arise. Lowering the stress level of not only our clients, but the agent and clients on the other end of the transaction. We’re absolutely professional. Adhering to all of the laws and regulations is our top priority, but we can lighten the load when we approach it with an optimistic and a slightly more lighthearted attitude.

Devin echos that. The paperwork can be monotonous. It’s about your attitude going into it. For him, he chooses to focus on the fun and the positive aspects of the situation, rather than allowing these things to get him bogged down. Anna adds the relationship piece to the conversation. We’re going to spend quite a bit of time together while we find you a home. Let’s get to know each other - let’s be friends. Going through life with friends is much more enjoyable than going through life with acquaintances.

For Gaby it’s about enjoying what she’s doing. As someone who loves to be busy, this job keeps her going and keeps her on her toes. It’s a full plate all the time and she loves that. It’s making things happen and helping her clients achieve their dreams.

I really love Josh’s point, that it’s about removing the stress from the situation. He sees ‘Real Fun Real Estate’ as an end goal for our clients. He says, “We don’t make it seem like it’s a hassle to you.” I couldn't agree more. Customer service 101. It makes the journey more enjoyable for the client when ‘hassle’ or burden is removed from the equation.

Laurie brings it back home to the team. The fun is in our supportive work environment, as we cheer each other on. We celebrate each other's victories and always wish the best. It’s the thought we put into everything we do. The friendship, the community, the team…

Overall, it’s an attitude. It’s choosing to find joy in what we do every single day. It’s a mindset. We choose to stay positive, stay focused, and put our clients’ needs first. We choose to see our clients as friends, not a sales dollar. We choose to view our colleagues as family. When you choose to seek out these things in life, you will find them. We’ve shifted our mentality from “I have to go to work…” to “I get to go to work!” It also doesn't hurt that we have some pretty great personalities, too ;)

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I probably should tell you that I am an FPG agent and our Social Media Coordinator. I’m a boy mom for life and constantly chasing messes (when I’m not breaking up fights!) and truly love serving my community by way of real estate. I get to meet and help so many amazing people around town! It has been an awesome career. Now as the brokerage’s Social Media Coordinator, I get to brag about how awesome our city and people are. Win win.

My husband and I were referred to FPG when we returned home to Indiana. I was drawn to their way of doing business and when I was offered an opportunity to join them the choice was easy! If you’re thinking of a career in real estate, or one with Ferris Property Group, we’d love to talk.

- Kate Sowles

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