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Guys! Did you know that Saturday, March 6 is National Frozen Food Day?! Me neither, until I stumbled across it while doing my weekly content search for our social media. According to, National Frozen Food Day was established by President Ronald Regan in 1984. (And yes, ice cream counts as a frozen food!)

“But Kate, why do you want to talk about frozen foods? What could this possibly have to do with real estate?!”

Fair question.

  1. You can’t live without food. Easy.

  2. Frozen food as we know it today was a game changer for families when it was introduced - it was a huge time saver! (*cough* REALTORS® often lead VERY busy lives…)

  3. Ideally, you’d be eating these frozen foods in the comfort of your home… that we may or may or may not have helped you find AND negotiated that sweet, chest freezer out in your garage… you’re welcome ;)

  4. Our agents and staff also enjoy the benefits of frozen foods!

Have I convinced you to keep reading?! GREAT.

It was Clarence Birdseye who invented the quick freeze method, which is what we are familiar with today, back in 1924. Prior to that time, the only option available was a slower method of freezing foods. When foods undergo that quick freeze, they remain crisper, fresher… as opposed to becoming mushy and soft. Think frozen broccoli or other veggies and fruits. I think we can all agree that mushy food isn’t our favorite…. Unless you’re teething, like my nephew.

Thanks to this quick freeze method, we are able to enjoy fruits and veggies from afar, meat from a farm two states over, your favorite deep dish pizza from Chicago, or your favorite gelato from Italy! Think about it - what would our lives look like today if not for the frozen food section of our grocery stores?

I instantly thought back to my favorite foods as a kid - chicken nuggets, corn dogs, french fries, popsicles… We always had frozen pizza on-hand at our house, AND the ice cream. You gotta have the ice cream! All of this got me wondering about my team. What are their favorites? How has frozen food impacted their lives or careers? So I asked!

Cynthia Starks recalls enjoying TV dinners at home in front of the TV, complete with the TV tray. She shares her favorite was the fried chicken variation. Today she feeds her Lab 1 cup of frozen green beans with every meal as a substitution to more kibble. (She needed to lose some weight and happy to report the green beans are helping!)

Holly agrees with me - it’s amazing how far frozen food has come. Holly says, “I can now make a full (mostly) healthy meal for my family, perfect for a busy night… and let’s talk about what they’ve done with vegetables!” noting loaded cauliflower tots or buffalo cauliflower bites… We’ve come a long way from the classic chicken nugget or fish stick ;)

Kristina Voltz shared a childhood memory with me. She recalls popsicles being her favorite! And went on to say, “As gross as this is, I would share my banana popsicles with my yellow lab, Sabrina, growing up. She was my partner in crime. Fast forward to present day and I always freeze bananas for my two labs, Gus and Oliver, to enjoy as a special treat (but this time we don’t share them!!).”

Ryan Soard, our Transaction Coordinator, is all about those classic comfort food style meals. Stouffers Mac ‘n Cheese or Marie Calendar's Pot Pies for him.

Laurie Coop admits she’s recently found the fresh frozen corn. Since learning of its existence, she’s ditched the canned corn that she’s been purchasing for years. Also agrees with Kristina that frozen pizza is a freezer must-have!

Kyle Russell gets right to the point - it’s vanilla ice cream with caramel topping AND Double Stuffed Oreos.

(Anyone else start singing to themselves, “Ice, ice, baby - too cold, too cold…” Just me? Ok, cool.)

And then, there’s Megan Ferris. A woman after my own heart. She reminds us all that there are COOKIES in the freezer section. Who doesn’t love a good cookie, people!? Specifically buckeyes and Girl Scout Cookies (looking at you, Thin Mints…). And who could forget Pizza Rolls!? The perfect snack on a crazy late night.

Have we convinced you to celebrate this Saturday? And if so, how will you celebrate?! So many wonderful options down that frozen food aisle nowadays! I appreciate the time frozen food saves me, and the nutrition frozen fruits and veggies afford my family. Can you imagine life without it!? I don’t think I can.

I probably should tell you that I am an FPG agent and our Social Media Coordinator. I’m a boy mom for life and constantly chasing messes (when I’m not breaking up fights!) and truly love serving my community by way of real estate. I get to meet and help so many amazing people around town! It has been an awesome career. Now as the brokerage’s Social Media Coordinator, I get to brag about how awesome our city and people are. Win win.

My husband and I were referred to FPG when we returned home to Indiana. I was drawn to their way of doing business and when I was offered an opportunity to join them the choice was easy! If you’re thinking of a career in real estate, or one with Ferris Property Group, we’d love to talk.

- Kate Sowles

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