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Although they’re built to last, your home needs some regular TLC, too. Just like puppies, husbands, and toddlers (#boymom!!), be sure you’re giving your home the attention it deserves and on a regular basis. What do I mean? Monthly maintenance. Aside from keeping it in ship-shape so that you can enjoy all your home has to offer, following-up on monthly maintenance will keep you informed of what’s going on behind the scenes AND you’ll stay ahead of issues before they pop up.

There are a few things you should do regardless of what month it is. For example, clean your garbage disposal or test your smoke and CO2 detectors. Dust and mop. Are you cleaning those toilets and floors?? Awesome! But here is our list of things to consider during the month of July.


The vacuum is a beautiful tool. Floors, dust bunnies, spiders, and toddler messes. But, with the right attachment you can also clean your blinds and curtains! Have any of you ever tried to clean your curtains? Like run them through the washing machine? They never fall the same way. Something happens in there and it becomes more work that you wanted it to to get them back up and on display. Really, they just need a good dusting to freshen up. I would recommend the smaller attachment with the bristles and use vertical strokes, from top to bottom, to suck up the dust!

The same attachment works on blinds. In a horizontal direction, also starting at the top and working your way to the bottom, work your way down and suck up all the dust. Don’t forget to flip them the opposite direction to get the other side, too!

Psst - while you’re in there, get the windowsill and corners… so fresh and so clean!


Before you leave your window, this is a great month to check the lock! Check to make sure it’s functioning and that when you unlock the window it opens (if you didn’t already check that in April…) Make sure they’re functioning properly to keep your family safe!

Also, while safety (and maintenance) is on your mind, check your door locks. Are they functioning OK? Doors closing all the way? Great!


Don’t put that vacuum away just yet!! This month is a great time to pull out that fridge and vacuum behind it. Get the dust and debris out of there. It’s also a great time to check and clean your coils. To keep your fridge running optimally, you’ll want to ensure those coils are free of any obstructions.

Psst - when you go to put the fridge back, keep it at least two inches away from the wall. This allows heat to move away from the condenser coils and run more efficiently.


While you’re in the cleaning zone, check your range to make sure it's working properly. Give it a good deep clean! Then check that hood fan. Make sure it’s clear of dust and grease.

Psst - baking soda and vinegar are a great natural combo that’s tough on grease and grime often found on stovetops. NOT recommended for glass cooktops, however.


Did you know that water damage to a home is more common than any other issues? And we’re not talking flooding or downpours. Washers or dishwashers stop functioning properly and or other leaking appliances. Happens more than you think! This is a great month to check your supply lines to sinks and toilets. Make sure you don’t have any leaks and that everything is flowing as it should!

So there you have it. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s our top five items to check off that to-do list this month! Happy cleaning!

I probably should tell you that I am an FPG agent and our Social Media Coordinator. I probably should also admit I’m terrible at cleaning. But when I do, I go Monica Geller on that $%^&.

I’m a boy mom for life and constantly chasing messes (when I’m not breaking up fights!) and truly love serving my community by way of real estate. I get to meet and help so many amazing people around town! It has been an awesome career. Now as the brokerage’s Social Media Coordinator, I get to brag about how awesome our city and people are. Win win.

My husband and I were referred to FPG when we returned home to Indiana. I was drawn to their way of doing business and when I was offered an opportunity to join them the choice was easy! If you’re thinking of a career in real estate, or one with Ferris Property Group, we’d love to talk.

Kate Sowles

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