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This week Ferris Property Group is celebrating one of our team’s favorite holidays – National Love Your Pet Day! Having a pet brings a lot of joy in to our family homes – but also adds a bit to the mess, am I right? 😊 Today we share photos of our favorite pets and BONUS – our favorite ninja tricks for keeping the house clean.

Oscar loves to play outside, so we keep a grooming rake handy to lift anything that gets matted in his coat. – Kyle Russell

Shadow here is a drooler, but if you keep a little throw rug under the food & water dish, you won’t have a yucky floor. – Cynthia Starks

This is Gracie the great dane – we vacuum daily to keep her hair under control. – Barb Fuller

This is Polo. Our best tip? Boarding and training school! – Natalie Lyons

Pro Tip for cleaning urine out of carpets – sprinkle baking soda on and let dry. Vacuum up and voila! – Mary Petruzzi

Meet Riggs. My pro cleaning tip – have a dog and they will keep your kitchen floor clean! With this food dropped on the floor ever makes the “5 second rule”. Now if we could just teach him to vacuum up the hair where he sheds... - Steve Snyder

Murphy, Jack & Finn keep us pretty busy! My two best tips are – use a lint roller to remove pet hair on furniture & I just discovered this amazing Pet Mac Odor Eliminator (by Arm & Hammer!) Vacuum Free Foam. Once a week, I’ll spray my carpets and they smell like they were professionally cleaned! – Val Sullivan

Gus & Oliver keep us pretty busy. They love to play outside and our best tip is to thoroughly dry off your pup with a towel before letting him come inside after a dip in his doggie pool. 😂 - Kristina Voltz


It’s not just furry friends that keep our team busy – check out these not-so-traditional well loved pets of Ferris Property Group.

On Fire Charizard, OFC

The Bearded Dragon


The Ferret


The Axolotl

What about you?? We would love to see photos of your pets & are always ready for more ninja cleaning tricks! Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

Full disclosure, I am the Operations Manager of Ferris Property Group, so of course I love our brokerage! Working for FPG has been an absolute blessing to my family (as a mama of 4), being able to thrive in my career but also be there when I need to be at home.

We have also used them to both buy and sell homes, so I can vouch for their real estate expertise as well. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, looking to make a change, or if you have any real estate needs, we’d love to hear from you!

+ Holly Stauffer

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