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Earlier this year shared an article about the top 36 home design trends we can anticipate in 2021. One surprising trend, or a surprising recurring trend that I noticed in this article, was the outdoor living space.

We’ve heard from the experts that as millennials join the housing market, they tend to prioritize the outdoor lifestyle - from the desire to be within walking distance of their favorite spots around town, to the backyard oasis.

Houzz predicted this would be the year of the pergola. What’s a pergola? This thing right here: I’m sure you’ve seen them around your neighborhood. They’re stylish and practical. They’re quick and affordable to build, and provide just the right amount of shade!

Not serene enough? Peaceful gardens also made the list. I guess green thumbs are trending! Haha - no one? No one else laughing? Just me. OK cool. I’ll be honest, I have tried my hand at gardening. I want nothing more than beautiful, luscious plants bordering my home and walkways… But spoiler alert - I’m too impatient. However, I totally understand the thought process behind this one. Think about it - plants can’t talk back, they can’t complain, they exist to be beautiful and to support surrounding ecosystems. You can clip them and bring the beauty indoors. I totally get it. There’s no denying that our lives are getting faster and faster, it would be so great to have a dedicated space to be “one with nature” and slow down.

The final outdoor trend that stuck out to me was the mention of the “Rise of the backyard cottage…” I’ve seen this in the media, we hear comments about the ‘she shed’ or ‘man cave’. Well, according to Houzz, these are coming to fruition. There is a trend to customize tool sheds into personal hideouts. Who said the tree-house was only for kids?! You’re only as old as you feel ;)

So what do you think of these trends? Honestly, I’m all for them. I love being outside. I love my backyard! I’m also a millennial - but that’s besides the point! A little fresh air does the body and mind good. Especially this last year with COVID, the outdoors are where we gather. Our homes may be where we live, but life happens in the backyard! Parents know what I’m talking about.

I probably should tell you that I am an FPG agent and our Social Media Coordinator. I’m a boy mom for life and constantly chasing messes (when I’m not breaking up fights!) and truly love serving my community by way of real estate. I get to meet and help so many amazing people around town! It has been an awesome career. Now as the brokerage’s Social Media Coordinator, I get to brag about how awesome our city and people are. Win win.

My husband and I were referred to FPG when we returned home to Indiana. I was drawn to their way of doing business and when I was offered an opportunity to join them the choice was easy! If you’re thinking of a career in real estate, or one with Ferris Property Group, we’d love to talk.

- Kate Sowles

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