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Typically, Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Days get longer, weather gets warmer, and we busy ourselves preparing for our favorite Client Appreciation Event – Baseball with your Broker. This year we were not able to arrange this event due to the season cancellation of our local baseball team, but we weren’t going to let that stop the party! We still wanted to offer our clients a fun and virtual way to feel loved and celebrated. So we hosted our first ever VIRTUAL Client Appreciation Event – FPG Trivia Night! It was super easy to plan and everyone who joined us had a great time.

If you have not heard of it yet, you must check out For basic functions, the account is FREE. You can create your Trivia game and then invite people to play it with a code. You could either have a themed trivia night (where my Office fans at??) or you can do general Trivia. For our purposes, a family friendly event, I spent some time googling the best general trivia questions. (Happy to share some that we used – just shoot me an email!)

Another fun thing you can do with these presentations is to add interactive slides. “Word Cloud” slides allow your players to add any word or phrase. You could ask anything! What is your favorite vacation destination? What is the #1 topping on a burger? Etc. There are also slides with scales & ranking options. You could do a “Would you Rather” or maybe a rating system of pop culture trends (love it or leave it style.) And if your idea maker isn’t working, they even have sample slides! We opened with a “Who was the best batman?” slide that they designed and it was super fun to see those comments! (The correct answer is Michael Keaton, in case you were wondering.)

Using Zoom or your favorite virtual chatting platform, invite your friends or clients to play virtual trivia night! It’s super easy for them to join the game. Once you share your screen, they will be able to see the site the players go to ( as well as the code they’ll need to play. Points are awarded for correct answers and fastest answers. You can play for fun or play for prizes! We ended up giving out a prize per question for the fastest answer and a big prize at the end to the overall winner. We wanted everything to be as virtual as possible, so we gave away gift cards to places that would allow us to email it. Starbucks, Amazon, Fandango Now, Redbox, Door Dash – these are all good options!

**Bonus! Check out! It’s an adorable little site that sends candy wishes to your loved ones (or in our case, our loved clients!)**

Everyone loves a good trivia night! Even if you aren’t giving away prizes, it’s a great way to stay connected to friends and family while we’re all social distancing. Check it out and let us know what you think! Or if you’re a client or team member – come join us the next time we play “FPG TRIVIA!”

Full disclosure, I am the Operations Manager of Ferris Property Group, so of course I love our brokerage! Working for FPG has been an absolute blessing to my family (as a mama of 4), being able to thrive in my career but also be there when I need to be at home.

We have also used them to both buy and sell homes, so I can vouch for their real estate expertise as well. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, looking to make a change, or if you have any real estate needs, we’d love to hear from you!

+ Holly Stauffer

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