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Technology is always a hot topic, especially in today’s world. We love trying out new programs, apps, etc – anything to help us continue to be innovative, more efficient and better serve our clients. Here are just a few of our favorite tech tools for taking your business to the #nextlevel.

Bomb Bomb is a video marketing platform. One of FPG’s Agents, Paul Linn, loves it because it helps personalize the consumer experience. When he sends videos to clients and prospects, they aren’t scripted, polished videos. “They’re just me being me,” he notes, “it helps them feel like they know me better.”

Brain.FM is an awesome app to help you get your focus on. They have partnered scientists with musicians to design music to help increase focus and productivity. BONUS – You can try it for free! And then if you love it, there’s a $7ish a month subscription.

One of our newest marketing finds is CanvaPro. This super user-friendly program has everything from newsletter designs to social media designs – and you can even schedule your posts! Try it for free or upgrade to pro for only $10/month.

Our brokerage’s CRM of choice – Follow Up Boss is an automated system that doesn't rely on manual data entry. It allows you to send in leads from your existing marketing and websites via email. Leads are then distributed via an instant phone call or email. The end result is your leads are contacted much faster and more often.

Mentimeter is a favorite of yours truly. We have hosted several trivia games through them for our clients and family & friends. It’s super easy to put together, they have sample slides you can choose from, and it’s FREE! I love the interactive slides – you can ask things like “love it or leave it” or have your guests rank things. Probably the funniest one is a word cloud where you ask a question and they can just submit any ol answer. It’s great for team building, training or just for fun!

Everyone should have a to do list. (Yours truly prefers a paper one that I can write with pretty pens and feel the satisfaction of physically crossing off my items – just don’t tell Terry Waggoner! He’s one of our fearless leaders who is paperless everything and totally judges my love of planners.) For all of you electronic, paper saving, people – Terry swears by ToDoIst. Keep all of your tasks organized in one place, separate them in to categories and even prioritize which ones need to be done first.

Voloco is a favorite app of another one of our brokerage leaders, Todd Ferris. “It’s a super fun app that auto-tunes and harmonizes your own vocal recordings or let’s you sing along to a pre-recorded track,” he explains. “Either way, it makes for a fun and unique way to deliver a video or text message!”

So what say you?? Have you used any of these? What are some of your favorite tech tools? We are always looking for the latest and greatest to add to our repertoire!

Full disclosure, I am the Operations Manager of Ferris Property Group, so of course I love our brokerage! Working for FPG has been an absolute blessing to my family (as a mama of 4), being able to thrive in my career but also be there when I need to be at home.

We have also used them to both buy and sell homes, so I can vouch for their real estate expertise as well. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, looking to make a change, or if you have any real estate needs, we’d love to hear from you!

+ Holly Stauffer

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