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This past summer has been very different for all of us. Gone were the hustle and bustle days of city adventures, baseball tournaments, & family vacations – and instead we found ourselves looking for other ways to enjoy time with our loved ones. I’ve seen more friends and neighbors out walking with their families, bike riding, and enjoying nature with hiking, camping, and visiting our State Parks. We were able to do things that either we haven’t done in a really long time or maybe wouldn’t have done under other circumstances.

My favorite return to past time? The Drive-in. We went so many times as a kid and I remember sitting out under the stars, listening to the radio and snuggling with blankets. You stayed for the late movie but barely made it through, if at all. Ahh memories. While some thought Drive-Ins were headed to being a thing of the past, we’re now seeing drive up concerts, parking lot movie nights and other inventive ways to get out and enjoy the Summer air (as safely as possible.) Movie theaters may be on pause – but if you’re craving popcorn and big screen movie viewing, the drive-in is an excellent alternative!

The Drive-In offers a safe, fun filled outing with family or a (small) group of friends. Indianapolis friends-you MUST check out Tibbs Drive-IN on Indy’s southwest side. According to their website, “Tibbs is the only remaining drive-in theatre in Indianapolis…With 4 screens to choose from, the drive-in’s capacity now reaches nearly 1600 cars and provides state of the art digital projection and sound for finest movie viewing experience for our patrons.”

Marcella, owner of Tibbs Drive-In, has been working hard to provide a safe environment for movie goers. “We are following all of the state and local guidelines on COVID safety! We have natural social distancing outside or inside your vehicle, and have 6ft spacing marked inside the concession stand. All employees are masked and gloved, we are monitoring their health each day of work, and have additional cleaning measures in place for the concession line and restrooms. Customers are also required to wear facial coverings inside the concession building/restrooms.” We must also do our part, as the customer, to help protect those around us. She asks customers to “Please “Mask Up” for Indiana while inside the concession stand.”

Speaking of concessions – its not just popcorn at this theater! You can feed the whole family on their menu – including pizza, hot dogs & cheeseburgers (and even a tenderloin!) Smaller bites are also available – hot pretzels, nachos, cheese fries. And what would a movie experience be without popcorn & candy?? They’ve got it all! Be sure to support this family owned and operated business while you’re there!

Another great thing about the drive-in, is while Hollywood is taking a time out on releasing new major motion pictures, Tibbs is able to go back in time and have some retro viewings. From Friday the 13th & Halloween to Dirty Dancing and Labyrinth, they have been able to showcase some of our all time favorites.

When Hollywood is ready, however, they will be too. “We get one of our first new big releases on September 1st – an evening of bromance with the new Bill & Ted movie,” Marcella said. “We are also hosting a blood drive on September 18th and will likely be hosting both the Heartland Film Festival AND the Story Telling Arts Annual Ghost Stories in October.”

With fall creepin in and temperatures lowering, now is the perfect time to check out the drive-in! Tibbs is currently open Thursday through Monday evenings. Their box office opens at 7:30 and the movies start around 9:15pm. Their season typically ends at the end of October, but to accommodate new films in late fall, stay tuned for a potential extended season through the end of November (weather permitting of course)! For all of their special events and more information, check out their website at, Facebook and coming soon – Instagram.

Full disclosure, I am the Operations Manager of Ferris Property Group, so of course I love our brokerage! Working for FPG has been an absolute blessing to my family (as a mama of 4), being able to thrive in my career but also be there when I need to be at home.

We have also used them to both buy and sell homes, so I can vouch for their real estate expertise as well. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, looking to make a change, or if you have any real estate needs, we’d love to hear from you!

+ Holly Stauffer

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