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At Ferris Property Group, we strive to stand out among the pack with a unique structure, inventive marketing, virtual systems, and a desire to continuously improve. Our goal is to help you create and manage a flexible and flourishing business from anywhere you choose. We’ll provide you with the tools needed to do just that, including additional training, accountability programs, customized marketing, business plans, and administrative assistance. We’re certainly not your standard real estate brokerage, and we have a style all our own. We hope to provide a fun, easygoing atmosphere, while still maintaining a level of professionalism your clients can count on. 




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+Systems that operate 100% virtually - Work from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME 

+Top-tier systems including transaction management systems, a CRM, virtual meeting software, + more 

+Inventive marketing 

+Assistance with personal branding

+All the print and digital materials you'll need to start or maintain a thriving business - signs, print materials, digital materials, presentations, etc. 

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+Experienced leadership and a full administrative team to help take tasks off your plate, build your business, answer questions, and help you thrive. 

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+Ongoing and in-depth coaching programs designed for new and experienced agents with information and systems to help with whatever point you're at in your business 

 +Accountability challenges 

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+Multiple lead generation systems in place to help funnel business your way 

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+Recognition and awards for the hard work agents and staff contribute 

+Annual team trips 

+Awards ceremonies 

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+A supportive, familial culture focused on positivity and helping one another

+We look to make real estate fun and enjoyable 

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+A growth mindset and drive for continuous improvement 

+New opportunities for agents and staff alike 

+A leadership team open to constructive feedback and ideas 

If we're spending 40 hours working each week, we might as well enjoy that time!  We don't believe you have to fit yourself or your business into a standard real estate "mold" to be successful, and we ditched the traditional real estate business model.  We're here to help you: 

+Build a brand authentic to who you are 

+Reach clients you enjoy working with 

+Operate a business you look forward to being part of 

+Have a ton of fun along the way 



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